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Yaqui (also known as Yoeme) is an American Indian language currently spoken by about 16,400 people in Northern Mexico and southern Arizona. It is a member of the Uto-Aztecan language family. This is one of the geographically most widespread language families in the Americas, extending from El Salvador (Pipil) to the state of Oregon (Northern Paiute), and from Southern California (Cahuilla, Luiseño and others) to Colorado (Ute). Nahuatl (see the classical Nahuatl puzzle) is another Uto-Aztecan language. Today there are many varieties of Nahuatl spoken in Mexico.

The following are eight emphatic sentences in the Yaqui language. Your task is to match the correct English translations, given below in random order, to each Yaqui sentence. For this puzzle, you must complete all of the answers before your score will appear at the bottom.

Yaqui sentences Letter of correct translation   English translations (in random order)
1. Inepo siika.
  A. You helped me.
B. You danced.
C. I saw you.
D. I saw him.
E. I helped you.
F. I helped him.
G. He saw you.
H. I left.
2. Empo nee aniak.
3. Inepo apo'ik aniak.
4. Inepo apo'ik vichak.
5. Inepo enchi vichak.
6. Inepo enchi aniak.
7. Empo ye'ek.
8. Aapo enchi vichak.