Temple of Artemis, Ephesus, Turkey

by Miriam Fried

Turkish is spoken by about 60 million people in Turkey and surrounding countries. It is a member of the Altaic language family, which consists of about 65 languages, including Turkmen, Mongolian and maybe even Korean and Japanese. Until 1929, Turkish was written in the Arabic writing system. That system was then replaced by the Roman system, with a few special letters to represent certain Turkish sounds. For example, in this puzzle you will find the letter "ç" which represents a sound similar to the first sound in the English word "chop."

The following are some Turkish words, followed by their English translations. Look at these words carefully and try to answer the questions below:

kilimler 'carpets' arabalar 'cars'
kilimde 'in the carpet' deniz 'ocean'
deftere 'to the notebook' masa 'table'
defterlerde 'in the notebooks' ev 'house'
adamlara 'to the men' havuç 'carrot'
taraflarda 'in the sides' defter 'notebook'
okula 'to the school'

Following the patterns you see above, translate the following English words or phrases into Turkish. You may use plain "c" to represent "ç":

'in the ocean' 'to the carrot'
'tables' 'in the notebook'
'to the houses'