Swahili of Eastern Congo (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Ronnie Sim

Swahili belongs to a large language family, called Bantu. Bantu languages are spoken by more than 100 million people in Southern and Eastern Africa. Swahili is the mother tongue of about 5 million people, and is the common language of trade along much of the east coast of Africa. However, the variety of Swahili represented in this puzzle is spoken hundreds of kilometers inland, and is quite different from that which is spoken near the coast.

Your task is simple. Read the first ten Swahili words and their English translations. Then give the Swahili words that correspond to the last three English translations:

1. Ninasema. 'I speak.'
2. Wunasema. 'You speak.'
3. Anasema. 'She speaks.'
4. Wanasema. 'They speak.'
5. Ninaona. 'I see.'
6. Niliona. 'I saw.'
7. Ninawaona. 'I see them.'
8. Niliwuona. 'I saw you.'
9. Ananiona. 'She sees me.'
10. Wutakaniona. 'You will see me.'
11. 'She saw them.'
12. 'I will see you'
13. 'She saw me.'