Swahili Dates

by A. Zhurinsky
Adapted by Valentin Vydrine

Swahili belongs to a large language family, called Bantu. Bantu languages are spoken by probably more than 100 million people in the countries that cover most of the southern half of Africa. Swahili is the mother tongue of about 5 million people, and is the common language of trade and political communication along much of the east coast of Africa.

The following are certain dates in Swahili. Their English translations are given in random order. Your task is to match the Swahili dates to the correct English translations:

    Swahili Dates: English Translations in Random Order:

1. tarehe tatu Disemba jumamosi

          A.  Monday, October 5th

2. tarehe tano Oktoba jumapili

          B. Tuesday, April 2nd

3. tarehe pili Aprili jumanne

          C. Wednesday, October 5th

4. tarehe tano Oktoba jumatatu

          D. Tuesday, April 4th

5. tarehe nne Aprili jumanne

          E. Sunday, October 5th

6. tarehe tano Oktoba jumatano

          F. Saturday, December 3rd

Now, translate the following into Swahili:

Wednesday, April 3rd:


Sunday, December 2nd: