A language of

ancient Asia

by Svetlana Burlak

The following sentences are from the Orkhono-Yeniseyan language, an ancient language of Western Asia. Scrolls containing passages in this language were found between the Orkhon and Yenisey rivers.

1. Oghuling baliqigh alti. 'Your son conquered the city.'

2. Baz oghuligh yangilti. 'The vassal betrayed the son.'

3. Siz baliqimizin buzdingiz. 'You all destroyed our city.'

4. Qaghanimiz oghulingin yangilti. 'Our king betrayed your son.'

5. Oghulim barqingin buzdi. 'My son destroyed your house.'

6. Siz qaghanigh yangiltingiz. 'You all betrayed the king.'

7. Biz baliqigh altimiz. 'We conquered the city.'

8. Bazim qaghanimizin yangilti . 'My vassal betrayed our king.'

Translate the following into English:

Qaghan baliqigh alti

Men barqigh buzdim.

Translate into the Orkhono-Yeniseyan language:

The son conquered your city.

The king betrayed the vassal.

Your vassal destroyed my house.

English version Copyright 1998, Department of Linguistics, University of Oregon