Chambers Encyclopedia- Vol. IX (1875)
Author: Lippencott, J. B.
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Publisher: Lippencott, J. B.
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Keywords: Tibet Tibetan gravestone with inscription artifact, b/w

Ancient Inscriptions

During the bronze age and iron age (2,000 BCE to about 100 CE) many pre-Roman cultures of Europe experimented with writing systems. The following are five ancient inscriptions similar to those found on grave stones of kings in Central Europe. All that is known about these inscriptions is that they contain the same text (an epitaph), all are written in the same language, and in the same writing system. However, each inscription was written in a different time period.

Your tasks are to:

1. Establish the chronology of the inscriptions. That is, decide which one is the oldest, which is the next oldest, etc., all the way to the most recent one.

2. Determine whether there is only one possible answer to the first question, and explain your conclusion.



Original puzzle by Anna K. Polivanova. English adaptation by Mirjam Fried and Thomas E. Payne.
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