by Boris Iomdin and Maria Rubenstein

La Tour Eiffel

The table below lists some French words with prefixes and the corresponding words without prefixes, along with the English translations. The shaded cells mean that there is no prefixless verb that corresponds to the prefixed verb in the left column.

You'll notice that some of the prefixed words have been left out. Your task is to select the correct prefixed word based on the pattern represented in the other words in the table. Yes, it is very possible to solve this puzzle without using a dictionary.

You must make all of your selections, then click the "Check" button to see how you did. Good luck!

Prefixed French word (select the correct word from the menues when necessary) English
Prefixless French word English translation
  réagir 'to react'    
  'to match again' assortir 'to match'
  recommencer 'to recommence' commencer 'to commence'
  recomposer 'to compose again' composer 'to compose'
  réconcilier 'to reconcile' concilier 'to reconcile'
  réconforter 'to comfort' conforter 'to comfort'
  recréer 'to create again' créer 'to create'
  récréer 'to entertain'    
  'to clean' curer 'to clean'
  redire 'to say again' dire 'to say'
  réduire 'to reduce'    
  rééditer 'to publish again' éditer 'to publish'
  refaire 'to redo, remake' faire 'to do, make'
  'to reform'    
  'to form again' former 'to form'
  'to refute'    
  réincarner 'to reincarnate' incarner 'to incarnate'
  rejouer 'to resume playing' jouer 'to play'
  'to throw again' lancer 'to throw'
  'to remunerate'    
  rénover 'to renovate'    
  réopérer 'to operate again' opérer 'to operate'
  repartir 'to depart again' partir 'to depart'
  'to distribute'    
  répéter 'to repeat'    
  résonner 'to resound' sonner 'to resound'
  révéler 'to reveal'